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Want to help your advertisers' sales boom?
December 21, 2011

Advertisers who solely focus on reaching younger consumers (18-34 or 18-49) could be overlooking a group with tremendous buying power - the 78 million Baby Boomers.

Boomers represent a third of adults (33%) including 43% of those with household incomes of $150,000+, 53% with $150,000+ in security investments and 54% of top management positions according to GfK MRI. This key target (87% of whom read Magazines) is an affluent group, adopt technology with enthusiasm and show a willingness to try new brands and products.

Did you know that Boomers:

  • Spend 38.5% of CPG dollars. Yet it's estimated that less than 5% of advertising dollars are currently targeted towards adults 35-64 years old (Nielsen)

  • Dominate 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories (Nielsen)

  • Are more likely to have broadband Internet access at home (Nielsen)

  • Comprise 1/3 of all online users, social media users and Twitter users (Nielsen)

  • Read, on average, 11 Magazines each month (GfK MRI), which is on par with the general population

  • Say that magazines are the medium they trust and turn to most for ideas, compared to TV and the Internet (GfK MRI)

Boomers' Media Attitudes (Index)





The One I Trust the Most




A Good Source of Learning




Keeps Me Up-to-Date with the Latest Styles and Trends




Gives Me Good Ideas




Source: GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer. Spring 2010


So, make suare your advertisers aren't overlooking two potential gold minds: Boomers, the largest single group of consumers, should be as desirable as Millennials and Gen-Xers, and, Magazines, the medium they rely on.

If you have questions about any of the research in this SalesEdge, please contact Wayne Eadie, SVP Research, at

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(c) Dec. 21, 2011 by SalesEdge; Referred by Terry Ausenbaugh, H & A Media Group.



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