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It is nearly impossible to conduct business today without carefully considering how print or web media can positively affect your advertising, promotion and/or public relations efforts. When you need advertisements or web sites created or your current web site maintained and you cannot affort to hire a full-time agency to help or cannot find that "super" employee who can do it all, what are your choices?

AJR Media Group Provides Solutions
At AJR Media Group, we specialize in assisting small- to medium-sized organizations in print and web design, web development and maintenance services.

Print and Web Design
With over 20 years of combined experience in print design, logo design, web design and marketing, our design and writing team's passion is for a bold, simple aesthetic and clear communication in every design project. Shaped by a combination of formal training, real world experience, and entrepreneurial zeal, we bring an insightful perspective to the intersection of design and business.

Web Development
A web site’s design, functionality, size, speed, and structure all help determine its usability. A web site's content helps determine its desirability. Without usability and desirability, there is little hope of benefitting from the awesome power of today's web technology.

Our development team uses a no-nonsense approach to creating the appropriate web technologies to drive our clients' web presences. Programming using the best of today's web languages (ColdFusion, ASP, PHP and others), we focus on the development of web sites that work -- both for our clients and their current and prospective constituencies.

We also understand the value of search engines; they deliver information more efficiently than any other product in history. And the right information, at the right time, delivers new customers. That's why our development team makes sure the search engines loves your web site as much as our clients do. With our best practices approach to accessibility, search engine optimization, and online marketing, our clients rest assured we'll make sure the people you want will find your site.

And, our clients own everything we develop for them. No tricks, no additional charges after the initial development. Our clients own their code from the very first keystroke.

Web Maintenance
What do organizations do once they have a web site and need to update the content, add new functionality or fix functionality that already exists? Do they find the original designer, the original developer or do they send someone from their staff to buy a book or attend a seminar to learn how to meet their web maintenance needs?

At AJR Media Group, we maintain a team of designers and developers that organizations use on a regular basis to provide a variety of web maintenance services for our clients. Whether it is a couple of hours a month or a set number of hours each week, we offer the convenience of an affordable, blended hourly rate. So whether our clients need a designer, a web developer or database programmer, there is never any guessing about the cost or availability of the skill sets that are needed.

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