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4 Ideal Tourism Uses for QR Codes
September 23, 2011

An increasingly popular marketing tactic for the tourism industry, QR codes provide a unique link between the physical world and a limitless supply of digital content. Here are four of our favorite uses for QR codes in tourism and travel marketing.

It is a common question from my tourism and destination peers...have you seen a great tourism QR campaign? And while truly great QR campaigns are tough to find, there are a few good examples of QR done right.

Below, we have highlighted four of our favorites. Tourism QR campaigns that utilize the unique abilities of the 2D barcode by enhancing the consumers experience, rather than simply using the technology for the sake of technology.

From walking tours to signage, four examples of tourism QR code campaigns.

4 Ideal Tourism Uses for QR Codes

R. H. H. Hugman River Walk Tour

Visit San Antonio - River Walk TourA perfect blend of location-based information, rich content and mobile access, the River Walk Tour takes visitors to San Antonio on a self-guided walking tour of the famed River Walk area.

In this case, the use of QR is an ideal solution for delivering additional content such as photos and audio recordings to visitors who are literally in the middle of a sidewalk. Additionally, the proper use of a QR code will help CVB officials learn how often people are taking the tour, potential hot spots and walking patterns.

While data is great, the best part of this campaign is the simple connection between a real-life environment, the history of the location and the ability to enhance a visitor's experience via rich media on a mobile device.

Radisson Edwardian

Including a QR code on the dinner menu. A simple idea that can be traced back to the availability of solid and interesting content. For the Radisson Edwardian group in the UK, the interesting content just happened to be video of chefs preparing the seasonal special.

Diners scan and learn how their meal was prepared from the head chef.

A bit gimmicky? Sure. I really can't see this happening at a Michelin Star restaurant, but it works for the Radisson because it adds another, usually unavailable, level of depth to the experience.

If you are a local restaurant, ecotourism attraction or just a boutique establishment, think about how a QR code could enhance your product through interactive storytelling.

Glendale CVB

Glendale CVBOnce the visitor center closes, the questions stop, right? Not for the Glendale CVB in Arizona.

A QR code just below the hours of operation listing provides those late-night tourists with a quick link to the informative mobile site.

I really love this idea because it is rooted in customer service. Rather than a promotion or coupon, the QR code provides useful information even when the visitor center is not staffed. Plus, the connection is made to the mobile site for the CVB, rather than the full website.

That personal visitor center experience is only a scan away.

The World Park

Hands down, the best tourism / place QR code campaign I have seen to date. Centered around, well, Central Park, and National Arbor Day, the World Park campaign creates a truly interactive environment in one of the world's most social places.

Plus, they just won a CA award for the work.


Source: © 2011, Travel 2.0 Consulting Group; Travel 2.0 Blog; Troy Thompson.

Troy Thompson

Troy Thompson is a respected consultant, speaker and thought-leader in the tourism industry. Principal and Senior Tourism Consultant at the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group, Troy provides destinations, DMOs and CVBs with answers to difficult digital marketing questions.

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